Sunday, October 10, 2010

Roque Cozette Brushes/ Vessels Review

My kit is always changing, constantly "evolving", but most of the time I strive for efficient, small, pigmented, and compact pieces (this may have something to do with a lot of Chicago photographers having 3rd floor studios).

A part of my kit that is always changing is brushes - they are so dang expensive. The bristles can fall out (ahem Mac), the water runs black after 100 washes (ahem Crown), and the white bristles can be stained (again, ahem Mac). So at this point I think I have brush from every line out there, but I'm REALLY wanting to consolidate and focus on a high-quality, long-lasting, animal friendly line.

I came across Roque Cozette Cosmetics online ( He is an AMAZING artist associated with Kett Airbrush Cosmetics, and I immediately wanted to order his makeup brush holders, which are called vessels. I've been through many brush belts where my brushes always get squished, and other plastic brush holders from the art supply store that disinegrate and break after a few uses. My entire brush collection fits in the 8" and 9" vessels. The little 4 inch vessels are amazing for sanitizing my brushes with my Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner, and holding mascara wands as well. So far so good!

While I was on the web-site, I came across the brushes, which just LOOKED luxurious. The following is an excerpt from their web-site:

"The Divinity Collection offers artists an alternative to traditional sable brushes with high-quality tools that contain no animal fur, fiber, or by-products. Instead, the Divinity Collection relies upon a range of the softest, most durable synthetic fibers available, keeping the highest ethical and professional standards of professional makeup artists in perfect harmony.

Created by Roque Cozzette, an industry veteran and the Artistic Director for Kett Cosmetics, the Divinity Collection is the link that brings his illustrious career full-circle. After starting out as a traditional makeup artist for film, print, and runway, Roque embraced the airbrushing techniques that have since defined his career. Now, with the launch of his own brand, he has returned to his roots while challenging the status quo with his refusal to use animal products. Finally, after years of development, he has successfully joined his passion for airbrushing beauty with this set of traditional tools that can create, finish, or refine any look."

Long story short, the brushes are amazing! They have been so soft, and do everything the description of the brushes promises. I can't wait to invest in more of the line.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wish Upon a Wedding

Hello out there! I'm happy to be writing about a wonderful organization I had the privilege of working with through Sonia Roselli Esthetique.

Wish Upon A Wedding was founded in January of 2010, based on the concept that two people in love should never be denied the chance to marry their soul mate, even if they only have a few years (or months) to live, or have faced other serious circumstances which have dramatically altered their lives.

Click here to check out Debi and Wally's wedding - they are amazing people, and my heart truly goes out to them, and all the other couples in their circumstances. It's beautiful celebrating timeless love.

Images in this post are courtesy of the talented Kevin Weinstein